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Collection: February birthday jewellery gifts

Seeking a gift for someone special born in February? If so, a piece of jewellery set with their birthstone is a great place to start.

February's birthstone is amethyst, a vibrant purple gemstone. As well as being the birthstone for February babies and a traditional gift for sixth and 23rd wedding anniversaries, it is also believed to be a powerful talisman. It is said that amethyst can boost the immune system, banish stress and help you get a good night's sleep (Katy Perry swears by it, sleeping with amethysts in her hand).

It was also believed, by the Ancient Greeks, to ward off drunkenness; an excellent excuse to keep your amethyst jewellery on after a night out.  

If purple really isn't your thing, an alternative gem is prasiolite, sometimes referred to as green amethyst. Prasiolite is a green gemstone that comes almost exclusively from a small mine in Brazil. The shade of green can also be achieved by heating - either in nature or by design - a purple amethyst until it changes colour. 

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